Waite Sanderson/Simmons/Cunningham/Wayte Raymond EF

  • Waite Sanderson_Simmons_Cunningham_Wayte Raymond EF Front Cover
  • Waite Sanderson_Simmons_Cunningham_Wayte Raymond EF Rear Cover
Waite Sanderson, Glendining 18/1/1939, English silver & copper coins 1658-1936. 260 lots, 4 plates, unpriced: George Simmons, Glendining 27-28/3/1946, Gold Coins & Medals, 282 lots, 15 plates, with prices (This copy only VF): W. Cunningham, Glendining 31/1/1951 Greek, British coins & medals + I.O.M. 810 lots, 13 plates, unpriced: Wayte Raymond, Glendining 16-17/5/1962, Coins of the world gold & silver. 1058 lots, 17 plates (8 plates British) some prices by hand. In modern blue binding.

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