Montagu, H. complete GVF

  • Montagu, H. complete GVF Front Cover
  • Montagu, H. complete GVF Rear Cover
Hyman Montagu series of five Sotheby sales coins complete, comprising British & Anglo Saxon Series, 18-23/11/1895, 857 lots, 6 plates: Anglo Saxon & English series (Aethelred 11 to Edward V1) 11-16/5/1896, 857 lots, 7 plates: English Series (Mary to Anne), 13-20/11/1896, 988 lots, 13 plates: English copper, Irish,Scottish & Anglo Gallic series, 15-17/7/1897, 373 lots, 5 plates: Anglo Saxon & English coins & medals, 16-20/11/1897, 737 lots, 5 plates. One of the most important English collections. Hand priced

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