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Triple Unite

1642 Triple Unite 1642 Triple Unite Triple Unite 1642 Charles 1 Tripple Unite, Oxford 1642, mm Oxford plume. Obv' King holding upright sword with Oxford plume behind. Rev' Three Oxford plumes & mark of value above declaration in three lines with date below. B.J. 1/S1, JGB 830, S....
Ref: temp-83
NEF Available £115,000
1643 Triple Unite 1643 Triple Unite Triple Unite 1643 Charles 1 Triple Unite, Oxford 1643 mm Oxford plume. Obv' King holding sword & olive branch with Oxford plume behind. Rev' Three Oxford plume & mark of value above declaration on continuous scroll with date below. S.2727. Ex Sha...
Ref: 160424-44
NEF/GVF Available £65,000


1592 Sovereign 1592 Sovereign Sovereign 1592 Elizabeth I Sovereign mm Tun (1592 -5) Obv' Queen seated upon an elaborate throne holding orb & sceptre. Rev' Shield within large Tudor rose. Ref- Shneider 783, S.2529. A magnificent specimen, superbly struck with sharp detail...
Ref: 151025-81
mint state Available £62,000

Rose Ryal

1624 Rose Ryal 1624 Rose Ryal Rose Ryal 1624 James 1 Rose Ryal, third coinage mm Trefoil. Obv' King on plain backed throne holding orb & sceptre. Rev' mark of value above shield. Schneider 78. North 2108. S.2633. Ex Beresford Jones, Spink2/6/1983 lot 93: Dr Jacob Y. Tu...
Ref: 160424-34
GEF Available £59,000


1629 Unite 1629 Unite Unite 1629 Charles I Unite, Tower mint mm Heart. Group B, S.2688. Good portrait & NEF
Ref: 151025-62
NEF Available £4,250
1638 Unite 1638 Unite Unite 1638 Charles I Unite, Tower mint Group B bust 2a mm Anchor, (1638-9) S.2687. A pleasing unite, the rev' slightly off centre. Almost EF
Ref: 151025-60
AEF Sold £4,250

Spur Ryal

1624 Spur Ryal 1624 Spur Ryal Spur Ryal 1624 James 1 Spur Ryal mm Trefoil. Obv' Lion over shield with x & v either side, Rev' crowns & lions surround a radiated rose. S.2634 A very rare & pleasing piece. Virtually EF.
Ref: 160424-43
AEF Available £57,000


1584 Ryal 1584 Ryal Ryal 1584 Elizabeth 1 Ryal mm Escallop (An English piece). Queen in ship holding orb & sceptre, one lion to the right of rose on ship. Rev' Rose on spur rowel in centre, crowned loins in angles. North 210. S.2530. Ex W.N.Clarkson, Sothe...
Ref: 160424-11
NEF Available £105,000


1356 Noble 1356 Noble Noble 1356 Edward 111 Noble series G (1356-61) S.1490 A good piece with a strong portrait & retaining some original bloom. EF
Ref: 151128-21
EF Sold £6,500


1477 Angel 1477 Angel Angel 1477 Edward 1V Angel 2nd reign, mm pierced cross pellet (bottom right) (1477-80), Webb Ware type Xv111b reading DEI. S.2091. Slight scrape on rev' (from finding) otherwise is as struck & the obv' particularly is exceptional. EF
Ref: 151025-73
EF Available £3,950


1713 Guinea 1713 Guinea Guinea 1713 Anne Guinea1713 . S.3574. A really GVF
Ref: 151025-49
GVF Sold £2,500
1775 Guinea 1775 Guinea Guinea 1775 George III, S. 3728. A little smoothing to edge in places therefore may at some time have been in a mount but does not detract when viewing obverse & reverse. Otherwise nearly extremely fine .
Ref: 3659
NEF Available £650

Silver Pound

1643 Silver Pound 1643 Silver Pound Silver Pound 1643 Charles 1 Rawlins Pound 1643 Obv by Thomas Rawlins. Artistic portrait of king on strident horse trampling over arms. Rev' Three Oxford plumes & mark of value above declaration with date below. Ex Sotheby 9/10/1979 lot133: Spi...
Ref: 151025-09
NEF Available £75,000


1369 Groat 1369 Groat Groat 1369 Edward 111 Groat, Post treaty (1369-77) Annulets below bust (Chain mail), S.1639. Extremely rare & GVF. One of the finest known specimens.
Ref: 151025-74
GVF Available £2,250
1499 Groat 1499 Groat Groat 1499 Henry V11 groat type 111C, mm anchor, S.2199. A lovely coin, deeply toned & with a sharp portrait & EF/GVF.
Ref: 151128-11
EF Available £575
1504 Groat 1504 Groat Groat 1504 Henry V11 groat, tentative issue mm cross crosslet. S.2254. Deeply toned, Rare & a GVF.
Ref: 151128-09
GVF Available £1,250


1624 Crown 1624 Crown Crown 1624 James I Crown, 3rd coinage mm Trefoil. FRC X1/XX1, S.2664. A really handsome piece, perhaps a little softly struck on the horseman but a very large & round flan, attractively toned & AEF/EF
Ref: 151025-88
AEF Sold £6,900
1643 Crown 1643 Crown Crown 1643 Charles 1 Crown, Oxford mint 1643.Obv' Oxford horseman with plume behind. Rev' Three Oxford plumes above declaration with date below. Morr' B-3 S.2947. Ex Preston 1900: Morrieson 1933: Ryan 1952: A handsome piece, nicely t...
Ref: 151025-07
AEF Sold £15,500
1658 Crown 1658 Crown Crown 1658 Cromwell Crown Tanners copy 1658 (Believed to have been produced early in the 18th century) ESC 14, S.3226B. Ex Spink N.C June 1938 No 72024: Capt Paget, Glendining 25/9/1946 Lot 199: Slaney Pt 2, Spink 14/5/2015 Lot 436. A ...
Ref: 151025-29
Virt Mint Sold £19,750
1658 Crown 1658 Crown Crown 1658 Cromwell Crown 1658. Obv' Portrait of Cromwell facing left in the style of a Roman emperor by Thomas Simon. Rev' Crowned shield with date above. ESC 10, S.3226 Die flaw at late stage. Retaining much brilliance in fields, to...
Ref: 151025-23
GEF Available £15,500
1658 Crown 1658 Crown Crown 1658 Cromwell Dutch Crown 1658 (struck early 18th century) The Dutch copy. ESC 11, S.3226A. Ex Witley, Glendining 11/4/1956 lot 219: Slaney Pt 2, 14/5/2015 lot 435. Old grey tone & EF.
Ref: 151025-25
EF Sold £18,500
1692 Crown 1692 Crown Crown 1692 William & Mary Crown 1692. S. 3433. A pleasing piece, nicely toned & NEF.
Ref: 151128-27
NEF Available £6,500
1716 Crown 1716 Crown Crown 1716 George 1 Crown1716 Roses & Plumes rev', ESC 110, S.3639. A coin with much eye appeal & Virtually EF.
Ref: 151025-51
EF Sold £4,750
1819 Crown 1819 Crown Crown 1819 George 111 Crown 1819 LIX, ESC 215, S.3787. Tiny scratch on obv' & on rev' by horses tail (Both showing on illustration) otherwise BU.
Ref: 151025-57
BU Available £750

Half Crown

1551 Half Crown 1551 Half Crown Half Crown 1551 Edward V1 half crown 1551, Galloping horse mm Tun, READS HIBE, VERY RARE with this reading. S.2480 (rarity not defined here) For another example see R.C. Lockett, Glendining 17/10/1961 lot 4377. Deeply toned & VF.
Ref: 151128-30
VF Available £3,250
1601 Half Crown 1601 Half Crown Half Crown 1601 Elizabeth I Halfcrown mm.1 (1601) S.2583 A little flecking on obv' but a lovely coin with a detailed portrait, deeply toned & EF/NEF.
Ref: 151025-77
EF Available £9,900
1644 Half Crown 1644 Half Crown Half Crown 1644 Charles 1 Halfcrown Oxford mint 1644 ox, Briot horseman. Morr C-5, S.2958. Ex Farquar 1955: Burstall 1968: Brooker 906: Colin Adams 2005, deeply toned & GVF/NEF
Ref: 151025-12
GVF/NEF Available £2,950
1644 Half Crown 1644 Half Crown Half Crown 1644 Charles 1 halfcrown Worcester mint, mm Leopards head. Allen F/28, Bull F 29. S.3106, very strong portrait, toned, VERY RARE & EF/NEF
Ref: 160424-15
EF/NEF Available £6,750
1645 Half Crown 1645 Half Crown Half Crown 1645 Charles 1 halfcrown, Exeter mint 1645. Obv' Horse with twisted tail , mm Rose. Besley N43, S.3076. Very Rare in this grade, deeply toned EF/NEF.
Ref: 160424-20
EF/NEF Available £4,500
1646 Half Crown 1646 Half Crown Half Crown 1646 Charles 1 halfcrown, Bridgnorth on Severn 1646. Morr' B-3, S.3037, Ex Marsham, Sotheby 19/11/1888 lot 659: Simpson, Sotheby 5/3/1903 lot 131: Dudman, Sotheby 15/12/1913 lot 436: Morrieson, Sotheby 20/11/1933 lot512: Pla...
Ref: 160424-18
NEF Sold £9,500
1658 Half Crown 1658 Half Crown Half Crown 1658 Cromwell halfcrown 1658, ESC 447, S.3227A. A lovely coin with a light tone & reflective fields. Virtually mint state.
Ref: 151025-27
Mint Available £10,750
1683 Half Crown 1683 Half Crown Half Crown 1683 Charles 11 Halfcrown 1683 T. Quinto. ESC 490, S.3367. A very strong portrait for this, toned & with good eye appeal. Virt EF
Ref: 151025-36
EF Sold £2,750
1685 Half Crown 1685 Half Crown Half Crown 1685 James 11 halfcrown 1685 primo. ESC 493, S.3408, weakness at date otherwise a lovely piece with great eye appeal, deeply toned & EF
Ref: 3953B
EF Available £3,250
1693 Half Crown 1693 Half Crown Half Crown 1693 William & Mary Halfcrown 1693 on inverted 3. ESC 521, S.3436, Deeply toned & with good eye appeal & Almost EF.
Ref: 151025-40
AEF Available £2,750
1698 Half Crown 1698 Half Crown Half Crown 1698 William 111 Halfcrown1698 Decimo , ESC 554, S.3494. Retaining an original mint bloom, toned & GEF
Ref: 151025-43
GEF Available £1,750
1826 Half Crown 1826 Half Crown Half Crown 1826 George 1V Proof halfcrown 1826
Ref: 151128-23
virt mint Sold £1,495


1548 Shilling 1548 Shilling Shilling 1548 Edward V1 shilling Durham House mm bow (1548-50), Rev' INIMICOS ect, S.2472, toned, round & well struck & for this better than very fine. Rare.
Ref: 151128-03
GVF Sold £2,350
1560 Shilling 1560 Shilling Shilling 1560 Elizabeth I Shilling 2nd issue mm Cross Crosslet bust 3b. A couple of marks in obv' field but a good portrait & GVF
Ref: 151025-80
GVF Available £850
1643 Shilling 1643 Shilling Shilling 1643 Charles I York Shilling type 4, mm Lion. S. 2873. Two old digs in field in front of kings face (Perhaps an attempted disfigurement by a parliamentarian sympathiser ) otherwise a beautiful piece with a wonderful deep sheen & apar...
Ref: 151025-68
Mint Sold £2,500
1648 Shilling 1648 Shilling Shilling 1648 Charles 1 Shilling or one shilling & sixpence, Pontefract 1648. S.3148 Ex Willis 1938: Williamson 1945: Rashleigh 1953: F. Willis 1991 & Spink (Glenister sale ) 2007 (£17000). Lozenge shaped on a very large flan & weighing ...
Ref: 151025-17
EF Sold £24,500
1648 Shilling 1648 Shilling Shilling 1648 Charles 1 Shilling, Pontefract 1648 octagonal. In the name of Charles 11, S.3151. Ex Seaby bulletin July 1977 No E944. Weakness in striking at 5 o'clock otherwise a splendid piece, Rare, toned & EF
Ref: 151025-18
EF Available £14,500


1658 Other 1658 Other Other 1658 Cromwell Gold Death Medal 1658. Obv' Portrait of Oliver Cromwell, rev'Shepherd attending flock near olive tree. Eimer 201. Tiny scratch behind cromwells head otherwise brilliant mint state.
Ref: 151025-71
mint state Available £12,500